About this Community

This community has been set up to allow customers, partners and staff to connect and share. Whether that is writing an informative post on a topic, starting a discussion, uploading a resource, or uploading media and resources, each member of this community has a voice.

We encourage members to interact with each other. This is not a "one to many" communication tool. We believe that good information promotes even better discussion. In our future, we believe that even if you don't find the information you need, it will be obvious who will know the answer based on their contributions. That's the power of community.

Help us turn the community into something worthwhile. The community needs to be valuable to its members, but it is up to the members to start discussions and to direct participation. We ask you to invite your friends and colleagues who should be a part of the community, and to echo some of the great content out across the other social media sites you participate in.