Luxeon 1 Conversion to Rebel LEDs

  • SGrant
  • 8/13/2010
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I am inquiring about some technical assistance for the Luxeon Rebel LEDs. We have several current designs that are utilizing Luxeon 1 Emitters, and with their EOL imminent, would like to convert the designs over to Rebel LEDs.

Presently, we are hand placing and soldering the Luxeon 1 emitters. I suspect this is going to be an issue with the Rebel LEDs. Are there any hand-soldering techniques that could be used with them... even for at least prototyping?

  • Unlike the LUXEON I, the LUXEON Rebel has to go through a reflow soldering process. This process has to follow the reflow soldering profile specified in the datasheet. However if you wish to solder them by hand, for prototyping, you can apply the solder paste onto the board, place the LED in its place and put the board on a hot-plate for a few seconds to make sure the LED is soldered. Note that you still need to have a board that has the LUXEON Rebel layout. You can purchase star boards to solder the LEDs on them or star boards with LEDs already mounted on them from our website or by calling 1-888-880-3449. Part number for blank star boards: Rebel-Star Part number for star board with LED pre-mounted: it depends on the LED on the star board but an example is REBEL-STAR-3PW51

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