Help with LED strobe light project

  • Maxman
  • 8/12/2021
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I am looking to build an LED strobe light with the idea to replace Xenon flash. The problem with the LED's is that the viewing angle is pretty narrow as compared to a Xenon flash strobe.  

Do you have any optics that can widen the LED’s viewing angle?

  • 8/12/2021

    The LUXEON Rebel LEDs have a viewing angle of 120 degrees with no optics attached. If you wish to create a wider viewing angle, you can use Carclo optic 10620 with a viewing angle of 180 deg. As for the list of available specific LUXEON Rebel optics that we have, please log onto our website at

  • 9/2/2022

    Thanks for your help. I was able to find the right optic.

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