High Bay Lighting

  • rmassarini
  • 8/3/2022

I have a potential client who currently has 120 units of 250W high bay sodium florescent lighting. I would like to replace it with an equivalent option in LED. Does such an option exist?

  • 8/3/2022

    LED lighting for High Bay applications has been a very difficult spec to hit for the most part. However, recent advancements in LED technology now makes it viable option. It really depends on the target area you want to hit, the illuminance requirements you have and of course the ceiling height. High Bay Lighting fixtures are typically used in areas with ceiling heights greater than 20 feet. Anything lower is generally classified as Low Bay Lighting. Once we better understand your specifications, Future Lighting Solutions can help you with your design needs by leveraging our technical services and product portfolio. We have a global team of experts in three regional headquarters (Montreal, London and Singapore). Where are you located? By the way, Future Lighting Solutions has developed a reference design and application note for a low bay fixture. Please refer to the attached link for more details


  • 9/8/2021

    Hi good day,currently my company do have the replacement for high bay 250watt. Do contact me so will send you the product catalogue. The replacement is PAR60,USING 36PCS Rebel Led,and weight is only 1.6KG.will send you the photometric result so that u can compare with your exixting 250w lamp.

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