LUXEON Rebel at up to 100MHZ

  • JKpow
  • 8/13/2010
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I am interested in using a LUXEON Rebel Cool White LED in a scientific instrument we are going to manufacture and have the following question: Can these LED's be intensity modulated at up to 100MHZ using a bias-t or by another method?

  • The LED can be pulsed/modulated at any frequency as long the current used is DC and does not exceed the maximum allowable for the LED. Most applications use PWM to dim the LEDs.

  • 9/7/2022

    White LEDs have a phosphour layer over a blue LED die. The phoshour generates the red, amber, green lump you see in the output curves of white LED light. It takes a while for the phoshor to stop glowing after being excited, therefore I doubt you will be able to modulate (for data purposes) at 100MHz. Ever looked at an old CRT TV or a fluorescent light after you've turned it off at night in a dark room? A suitable analogy would be an RC filter time constant applied to your signal. A straight forward LED without any phosphor pumping would work better, e.g. Blue, Green, Red etc. Reds are frequently used in cheap commercial data transmission, google TOSLINK.

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