Following up on Seth's painter blog

Excerpt from Visitors Blog's blog on July 3, 2022
Seth blogged about a painter using a blog to get people interested in her art. I can see she can easily define success - by number of paintings sold. But, how do you measure blog success for more ephemeral things like brand awareness / brand opinion?
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I've Been Called Out...

Excerpt from Robin Hopper's blog on September 24, 2021

I hate blog posts where the writer apologizes for not posting their blog in a while - you see them too often and I had vowed never to write one here.

Turns out I was using the Canadian definition for "never" which is "not very often"; a metric never, if you will. Business Blogwire's Easton Ellsworth has called me out...

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Walking the Blog Walk...

Excerpt from Robin Hopper's blog on January 10, 2022

Sara Frampton - part of the iUpload Customer Care Team - has a post that is a great example of how to use blogs to respond to feedback. It seems content management analyst, Guy Creese has a post that called us out for our use (or in this case, our lack of use) of content management on our own website... Sara's post acknowledges the mistake, mentions that we fixed it then reminds our customers that a new year may mean it's time to update things on their own websites and has already gotten some comments from customers. Couple of good reminders here for those of us blogging...

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