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Walking the Blog Walk...

runs 3/8/2021 until 3/9/2021
Excerpt from Robin Hopper's blog on January 10, 2022

Sara Frampton - part of the iUpload Customer Care Team - has a post that is a great example of how to use blogs to respond to feedback. It seems content management analyst, Guy Creese has a post that called us out for our use (or in this case, our lack of use) of content management on our own website... Sara's post acknowledges the mistake, mentions that we fixed it then reminds our customers that a new year may mean it's time to update things on their own websites and has already gotten some comments from customers. Couple of good reminders here for those of us blogging:

Sara wouldn't have known that there was feedback out there unless she'd been monitoring blogs - in this case for mentions of our company and products. It's pretty easy to do, set up an RSS feed with Google, Yahoo!, Technorati, Pubsub, etc., for the keywords you want to monitor.

Choose to responds and when you can choose to respond in public
If Sara hadn't responded, Guy's feedback would just sit out there for all to read. If she had responded with even a "thank you, it's fixed" email, it would have been private and the best case scenario might have been that Guy updated his post to mention that we had gotten back to him. However, responding in public gave Sara a chance to acknowledge our mistake, tell what we had done to fix it, and also create a way to communicate some valuable information to our customers.

Shine a spotlight on it
Turn the feedback and response into a positive situation by shining a light on it. In Sara's case she went and dropped a comment in his blog and linked back to her post (even better would have been to trackback to his post). Not a bad way to demonstrate that you and your company are responsive.

So... kudos Sara! While we did drop the ball on practicing what we preach, she definitely demonstrated that she's walking our blog talk.
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