I've Been Called Out...

Excerpt from Robin Hopper's blog on September 24, 2021

I hate blog posts where the writer apologizes for not posting their blog in a while - you see them too often and I had vowed never to write one here.

Turns out I was using the Canadian definition for "never" which is "not very often"; a metric never, if you will.

Business Blogwire's Easton Ellsworth has called me out... Apparently I made Mario Sundar's Top 10 CEO Blogs list and Easton took the time to do some digging into how useful each of the 10 were and reported amongst other things:

"iUpload CEO Robin Hopper has posted just once since May 11 of this year. Not good, especially for the head of a corporate blogging software company!"

Easton makes a good point... while I blog everyday, the vast majority haven't been posts I can talk about publicly so they end up destined for internal only views. I'll make a concerted effort to increase the frequency of public posts.

(Ok, spin time, watch how a slide from apology to iUpload value propostion in the next sentence :-) )

This does illustrate one of the reasons the iUpload approach to corporate blogging works though. While I do have a blog that you can visit directly, I am just one of a few dozen bloggers here at iUpload. Our company blog is actually an aggregate view of the best blog posts from individual blogs and even from blog visitors. The reality is that writing really good blog content everyday isn't easy especially when trying to work it in between all your other responsibilities so the iUpload platform encourages broad participation (posts) from a large number of individuals and then aggregates them into, at least in our case, a company blog. This has meant that our company blog is updated daily if not multiple times during the day.

So, yes Easton this is my "apologize for not posting" post but please do subscribe to our company blog where you'll get access to content from a bunch of people here that should give you more perspective than I can offer on my own.

As a side note, take a look at Easton's blog... He seems to like to play the "but golly, shucks, I'm young what do I know" card but there are some great posts on corporate blogging there.

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Posted By: Dave Forde (03/08/2021 11:17:01 PM)
Comment: Robin - we all need a good kick in the axx every now and then. You made the list once, and now with Easton's 'subtle' probing you'll keep your status on the list. More importantly, you're doing something that too few Canadian CEO's have had the foresight to do. Continue to blaze the trail!

Posted By: Better be unknown (28/07/2021 6:19:00 PM)
Comment: I was following some links regarding iupload and saw the service, and yes saw your blog in so called top ten list.. First line took me off.. really, and I didn't feel like reading anymore. People have different reasons and not posting to blog for some time and then posting back with apologize is just a respect they may want to give to readers. it looks u are a ceo! may be you may want to lower your so called ruling nature. You expressed yourself which i think is what blogging is all about, BUT it is apparent that you have a excuse for not posting. :( to say more precicely you have a bad excuse for yourself. I think that people apologize is not foolish but hating their apologization is RUDE. u have ur point I had mine... feel free to discard this comment is order to hide urself. neways good luck ur company made a good stand in Forrester...

Response: Robin says: I'm also not normally a fan of anonymous comments but I've approved yours...

Posted By: Bryan (26/07/2021 1:49:57 PM)
Comment: For the record, I hate comments that comment on commenting in blogs :-) Great post though, another example of how to use blogs to handle feedback (good and bad). Looking forward to more frequent posts again.

Posted By: Easton Ellsworth (25/07/2021 11:45:00 AM)
Comment: Robin, thanks for listening. I understand what you mean about time constraints - I'd certainly post more to my "external" blog as well if that was my sole job. I've subscribed to the iUpload company blog. Hopefully I'll see some more posts from you thrown into that mix :). I do indeed like to admit my lack of knowledge often. I want my readers to feel like they're looking across the table at a friend, not up to a self-proclaimed "expert" on an artificial throne. Of course I've been reminded several times over that the "I'm young" card is getting more worn and creased every day :) ... but I think a fundamental virtue for humans to learn and practice is humility, so I try to keep myself in check. I guess I'm just wary of starting to judge people by the number of links or subscribers to their blogs rather than by the amount of wisdom they share or the effects they have on others' lives. Blogging is part of a wave of technologies that is washing over and changing our world in significant ways. I'm glad to be following that wave and telling others what I see from my vantage point in the surf. And I look forward to learning more about biz blogging from you, Robin!