Technology: For Community Members

Your community members can benefit from the entire range of Web 2.0 features combining user-generated content with social networking in a variety of ways:

  • Branded communities. This is the most common way organizations use the Awareness platform. In this model Awareness designs, builds, and hosts your community. It is built to match your brand image and style, with a URL that you choose. It can be a stand-alone entity, or integrated into one of your existing Web properties.
  • Awareness API and widgets. Another way to leverage the Awareness platform is to use the Awareness API and widgets to create your own community or integrate Web 2.0 features into existing Web properties. You can also use this technique to pull content from an Awareness branded community into your other Web properties.
  • Third-party applications and services. Awareness communities can integrate with third-party applications and services and accept content from email systems and mobile devices. Some of our most exciting integrations is available via the Awareness Facebook Application Framework in which allows members of your community to interact with your community from inside Facebook.