Technology: For Enterprise IT

Awareness communities are purpose-built for enterprise deployment and feature key capabilities:

  • Authentication. Awareness communities can authenticate users in multiple ways, including integrating with your single sign on system or identity management system(s), passwords, etc. In communities that mix employees with customers, prospects or partners, employees can be authenticated via integration with SSO or identity management systems while customers, prospects or partners can be authenticated via user name and password.
  • Search. Awareness communities have a built-in search capability, but Awareness can integrate with your enterprise search solution if desired.
  • Data migration. We can move existing content or profiles into your new community, or export them to other destinations.
  • Audit and compliance. Awareness keeps all versions of posts, whether they've been edited or removed from the community. They're available to aid in audit or compliance reporting if needed.
  • Reliability. Awareness maintains proper backup/recovery procedures so your content is available.
  • Secure. The Awareness data center is SAS 70 certified so your content is well protected.
  • Awareness also has a relationship with Akamai to provide high performance.