Awareness Facebook Application Framework

With Awareness, you can extend the reach of your community into Facebook and leverage the viral promotional features in Facebook.

Awareness can use the Awareness Facebook Application Framework to create for you a branded Facebook application. The application is named according to your specifications, is registered and listed in the standard Facebook application directory and installable by Facebook users.

Your branded Facebook application provides you with two major benefits:

  • Extends the reach of your community into Facebook. Members of your community can access and interact with your community directly from inside Facebook.

    They can view community content, submit content and participate in your community.

    What gets displayed inside your Facebook application? Whatever you want – the Awareness Facebook Application Framework is customizable, and Awareness will work with you to create your Facebook application so show the community content and options that you want.

  • Lets you leverage the viral promotional features of Facebook. When a user installs your Facebook application, it will automatically appear in their news feed, spreading the word about your application to their friends. They can also invite their friends to install the application, encouraging them to also install it. Facebook’s viral marketing aspects can equal more users for your community.
  • What about security, access control, permissioning, etc.? No problem – your branded Facebook application fully respects all the security, moderation, access control, and user permissions in your community. That means you can create a Facebook application for closed, private communities or open, public ones without fear of content leakage or inappropriate access and usage.