Awareness provides services in two major areas:

Community design and creation

Awareness will help you create a community that best meets the needs of your users and goals. This includes:

  • Design. Awareness will leverage its years of experience and best practices to help you create a design that best matches the needs of your users and goals.
  • Creation. Awareness will build the community for you, using special tools and techniques to do it in a fraction of the time than other alternatives. For many communities, Awareness can have the community up and running within weeks.
  • Integration. Awareness can integrate your community with your own enterprise search service, single-sign on and identity management systems.
  • Data migration. Awareness can import and export content and user profiles from other sources.
  • Consulting. Awareness can also assist you in strategic and project level consulting. We will lead your team through every step of a readiness review and community marketing strategy development process. To read more about our consulting offerings, review these two documents.

Community operation

Awareness is an on-demand platform (Software-as-a-Service). It is secure and reliable (SaaS Type II certified) and optimized for high volume and availability and Web 2.0 traffic patterns.

With this approach, Awareness does the majority of the work, relieving you of any burden or effort. You won't need to set up any servers, buy any hardware, install any software, etc. You can focus on the business goals for your community while we deal with the technology and operational aspects. This approach has produced significant benefits for many brand-name customers.