The 'Viability of Enterprise 2.0'

Excerpt from John Bruce's blog on January 11, 2022

The folks at FastForward hosted the second lively discussion between Professors Andrew McAfee and Tom Davenport, about their "disagreement over Viability of Enterprise 2.0".

For the uninitiated, Prof McAfee is credited with first coining the expression 'Enterprise 2.0', put to Web 2.0 technologies when used by businesses. (I don't do the definition justice, but for the purposes of this post, read on). Prof Davenport takes issue with Prof McAfee's enthusiasm for advocating E 2.0 as a profound opportunity for organizational change. 'Messianic', was one of Prof Davenport's descriptions that I jotted down and I had to go look up 'hegemonic'.

For anyone close to the topic, which I suspect like me are vendors, analysts and personal supporters in either camp.. it was a stimulating hour of back and forth between two really smart and articulate guys, putting their respective points. What seems to be at issue isn't whether the actual viability of Web 2.0 usage by companies is in question, but whether this set of technologies offers such an opportunity for change that it merits it's own label, "Enterprise 2.0".

For potential users, the counsel was clear. They are in stated agreement that "yes, you should explore these technologies", and "yes, you should add them to your toolkit".  

For my part, I come down on Prof McAfee's side.
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