Best Practices for Online Communities: a webinar with Jeremiah Owyang

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on February 15, 2022

Organizations that want to deploy a Web 2.0 online community typically find it a pretty confusing and daunting experience.  As such, they need a lot of help in navigating these new and often murky Web 2.0 waters.

That's why we've sponsored a webinar, "Understanding Online Community Best Practices," with one of the industry's leading experts on social media, Jeremiah Owyang, now at Forrester Research.  Jeremiah is one of the most widely-read writers about Web 2.0, and he has a wealth of experience in social media.  We're very excited.

Jeremiah recently published a report about "Online Community Best Practices,"  which I've read.  It's very good material and is clear evidence that the content in this upcoming webinar will be a winner.

The webinar is March 13th, at 11am EST.  Registration for Understanding Online Community Best Practices  can  be found here.
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