"Embrace Enterprise Web 2.0, but on your terms"

Excerpt from John Bruce's blog on September 28, 2021
Two well written reports from Forrester about the challenges for companies in adopting Web 2.0. Published early September. Read more

Interesting article in Business Week about Enteprise Social Media and Awareness

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on September 23, 2021
Business Week recently wrote an article titled "The Water Cooler Is Now On The Web" that shows how corporations are beginning to deploy social media and social networking inside their organizations to facilitate discussion and collaboration among employees. Read more

Hiring a great marketing director..

Excerpt from John Bruce's blog on September 17, 2021
One of the toughest challenges for any growing company is hiring high quality individuals at the right pace. Build out the team too soon and there's not enough to keep them challenged, too late and you're in catch up. The tension is in getting the timing right.

We're adding to the team across most areas and one critical hire for us right now is a talented marketing individual to manage lead generation. For the right individual, it's a fabulous opportunity to lead our charge in an exciting market. Read more