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CRM Idol finalists announced.

September 20, 2021

"Awareness – Offers Social Marketing Hub, a collector of actionable social media data for salespeople and marketers"

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Is Awareness' social profile concept the missing link between SMM and CRM?

September 20, 2021

"As an intersection between social media and CRM, Awareness should find a good amount of market opportunities."

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State of Social Media Marketing 2012

September 19, 2021

"Awareness recently released a report, The State Of Social Marketing Report: 7 Major Findings & In-Depth Analysis. To complete this effort they surveyed 469 marketers from wide varieties of industries, company sizes and levels of social marketing expertise."

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Report: Marketers Not Yet Aligning Social Media Objectives, Measurement and Investment

September 14, 2021

"The study, The State of Social Media Marketing, surveyed 469 marketers in a wide range of industries, company sizes and levels of social marketing expertise."

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Examining the State of Social Media Marketing

September 13, 2021

"Though many brands have begun to integrate social media at the most basic levels, most fail to embrace this channel to the fullest extent, leading to numerous missed opportunities."

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Social marketers are now measuring what matters

September 12, 2021

"There is some research, available free from the Internet, which is excellent and some which is garbage with pictures of cartoon characters with pit helmets and magnifying glasses."

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The State of Social Marketing — a report

September 12, 2021

"Awareness Social Media Software has just released a set of three white papers under the heading of The State of Social Marketing."

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The State of Social Media Marketing 2012

September 11, 2021

"Social marketing software company Awareness has just released the second part of its bi-annual State of Social Media Marketing report for 2012, and it makes for some pretty interesting reading."

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Raising Awareness with Social Media Scoring

August 11, 2021

Social media marketing software provider Awareness Networks has released a new version of its Social Marketing Automation suite which allows brand marketers to identify, store and… here it comes… rank prospects across social networks based on scoring criteria that they define.

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Awareness Inc. Unveils Social Scoring Tool

August 10, 2021

"Enables brands to identify, store and rank prospects across all the major social networks based on scoring criteria they define."

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Awareness Helps Social Marketers Know the Score

August 10, 2021

"But what Awareness is doing is allowing the user to filter the conversations based on criteria set by the user."

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Identifying ROI with Social Scoring

August 9, 2021

"Wouldn't it be great if you could drive repeatable and predictable Social Marketing ROI? Thanks to Awareness, now you can."

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Why do so many marketers still not get social media?

August 8, 2021

"I was sent a report last night by Awareness Inc about the state of the social marketing industry, so I thought I'd check it out.  Here are a few of the key takeaways from the report.

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Awareness Provides Social Marketing Automation

August 8, 2021

"These are very useful capabilities as we awash in an ocean of unstructured data from social media."

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Awareness, Inc. Adds Prospect Scoring To Social Media Marketing Suite

August 7, 2021

"Social marketing software provider Awareness, Inc. on Monday unveiled a new component for its flagship product suite to provide social scoring and ranking capabilities."

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Finding Influencers Using Your Own Algorithm

August 6, 2021 - Awareness rolls out brand-controlled influencer parameters feature

"Awareness has added an interesting feature to its social media management solution with a new release..."

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Awareness Adds Scoring to Social Marketing Automation Suite

August 6, 2021 - New features let users define their own segmentation rules and more.

"New features let users define their own segmentation rules and more."

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Awareness Launches Customizable Tools for Identifying Prospects Across Social Media

August 6, 2021

"The three components utilized in Awareness' solution are Social Prospecting, an Automated Social Profile Database and Social Scoring."

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An Intelligent Approach to Influence Measurement

August 6, 2021

"Awareness Networks just announced a tool that takes an intelligent and customized approach to influence assessment."

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The Social Workplace by Elizabeth Lupfer

March 20, 2022 - Tactical Awareness of Social Engagement and Interaction

"I'm not going deny it… I'm quite fond of the folks at Awareness Inc."

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WTHR-TV Indianapolis - Super Bowl Social Media Command Center

February 1st, 2012 - Super Bowl Social Media Command Center

WTHR-TV Indianapolis story from 2/1/12 about the Social Media Command Center (featuring the Awareness Social Marketing Hub) at Raidious.

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Mashable by Todd Wasserman

August 15, 2021 - Social Media Marketing By the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Donny Deutsch, the former adman and talk show host, once recounted a story about a Mitsubishi Super Bowl ad that was tagged with the URL

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InformationWeek by David F. Carr

August 15, 2021 - How Comcast SportsNet Plays The Social Media Game

Cable network's regional websites use Gigya's social widgets and Awareness' social media management to score with sports fans.

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SocialTimes by Neil Glassman

June 29, 2022 - What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know About Awareness Social Marketing Hub

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub is designed for marketers to publish, manage, measure and engage across all their social channels - Facebook, Foursquare, Flickr, Twitter, WordPress, YouTube - from one central location.

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Mashable by Zachery Sniderman

September 15, 2021 - 5 Winning Social Campaigns to Learn From

So how can you leverage Foursquare for your PR activities? To help answer this question, we chatted with some PR pros, took a hard look at how some brands are currently using Foursquare and came up with a list of five steps.

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PR News Byline Article

August 30, 2021 - How to Add Foursquare to Your PR Arsenal

So how can you leverage Foursquare for your PR activities? To help answer this question, we chatted with some PR pros, took a hard look at how some brands are currently using Foursquare and came up with a list of five steps.

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Social Media B2B by Adam Holden-Bach

August 26, 2021 - SMMS Review: Awareness Social Marketing Hub

Adam takes a look at Social Media Management Systems which allow social media teams to manage multiple social accounts from one application. Typically a SMMS will enable users to set roles and permissions, aggregate content, publish it, and manage and measure social media activity. This is his review of the Awareness Social Marketing Hub.

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MWD Advisors by Angela Ashenden

July 28, 2021 - Online communities vendor profile: Awareness Inc.

"As one of the most high-profile start-ups in the online communities software market, Awareness Inc. focuses on supporting organisations' social media marketing activities through a combination of online communities and social media channel management capabilities."

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July 20, 2021 - foursquare Perspectives and the future of marketing

Mark Gibbs of NETWORKWORLD outlines the role foursquare Perspectives plays in the future of marketing by saying, "...mash this real world data [from Awareness' foursquare Perspectives] on user behavior with data from other social networking services, add in engagement with the revealed movers and shakers, tie the insights into advertising and promotion programs, and you've got a whole new way of analyzing and strategizing your products and services. Welcome to the future of marketing."

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Dialogue by Tyson Goodridge

July 14, 2022 - Should your business be on foursquare? Let's get some PERSPECTIVE…

Tyson conducts a pro/con-type analysis -- with some great next steps for marketers -- of whether or not your brand should be on foursquare based on the fact that 2010 is the year of geo-location, and now the name "foursquare" (the business leader in this space) is creeping across the desks of CMO's and marketing types around the world.

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July 13, 2022 - Understanding Your Visual and Voice Brands

"Digital technology in marketing is no longer a new concept, and social media platforms are being used more and more often. We all get that. What's still developing is how these new social media channels affect your brand."

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July 12, 2022 - Shoot for the enterprise, and even if you miss, will you land amongst the consumer?

"Perspectives, developed by Awareness Inc., which aggregates the who, where and why of consumer penetration with regards to their location, could potentially spearhead the shift that validates Foursquare as a serious tool for marketing and business, as it easily outlines the value of location based monitoring."

Read the full post by Jamie Beckland

July 8, 2022 - Awareness Shifts From Campaign to Engagement Model

"In a sign of how fast the industry is moving, even before the final report was released, Awareness had made a major move to shift their platform and allow for a much broader range of marketing and engagement activities on their platform. This brings a lot of relevance to a strong platform for corporate marketers."

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July 8, 2022 - Free tool helps identify brand trends on foursquare

"The foursquare Perspectives tool reports key statistics such as total venues, total check-ins, unique visitors and total mayorships, and presents that data through comprehensive charts, graphs and maps to help marketers easily visualize key market trends among Foursquare locations."

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This is the Technology Stone Age by Walter Elly

July 7, 2022 - Zen and the art of foursquare analytics

Walter Elly, a foursquare enthusiast explores the new Perspectives tool and sees it as an opportunity to, "...possibly get brands to pay more attention to foursquare and to start maximizing the value of the foursquare opportunity they've got in front of them."

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About foursquare by Chris Thompson

July 7, 2022 - Awareness, Inc. launches foursquare Perspectives brand search tool

Chris Thompson looks at how brands can benefit from the data presented by the new Awareness foursquare Perspectives tool. He discusses Walmart as an example and emphasizes, "These are some very powerful stats that could help brand managers know where to target their location-based marketing and give them more insight into how customers are interacting with their brands on foursquare."

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Social Times by Neil Glassman

July 7, 2022 - Awareness Lets You Know If Your Brand Rocks on foursquare

Social Times covers the announcement of the Awareness powered foursquare Perspectives -- complete with screen shots and a Starbucks example.

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Selland Capital by Chris Selland

July 7, 2022 - foursquare the Last Mile for Retailers

In his post, Chris Selland, discusses the need for Retailers to manage the 'in-person' channel and the role tools like Awareness' new foursquare Perspectives tool will play in managing those more personal relationships.

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Mashable by Jennifer Van Grove

June 17, 2022 - Manage Your Brand's Social Media Presence with One App

In Mashable's Spark of Genius series, Jennifer Van Grove emphasizes how large brands can utilize the Awareness Social Marketing Hub to "...make the social media management and tracking responsibilities manageable for large enterprise organizations. The platform does so by presenting users with the ability to create content — photos, blog posts, video, files — and automatically post it to all or select social sites with just a few clicks."

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Sarah Wallace

May 27, 2022 - My Take Away From Eat, Drink, Be Social

Sarah Wallace covers the highlights and her takeaways from the Eat, Drink, Be Social event.

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BostInnovation by Marissa Lowman

May 24, 2022 - Eat, Drink, and Be Social Bringing Together Local and National Tech Foodies

Marissa Lowman of BostInnovation covered the Eat, Drink, and Be Social symposium that brought together thought leaders from all over the country interested in the intersection of the Internet and food.

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Edelman Digital by David Armano

May 21, 2022 - Friday Five: Macro Trends To Watch

Making a social media campaign work sometimes requires a certain je ne sais quoi. Mashable looked into some successful campaigns from the past year to figure out what they did right and what lessons they can provide.

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Mashable by Christina Warren

May 17, 2022 - Which Department Owns Social Media?

Mashable writer, Christina Warren, explores how businesses are classifying social media and why the classification even matters. Social Media can be used in so many different ways, and fits into many traditional departmental hierarchies, that the decision on ownership is often complex.

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Mashable by Jennifer Van Grove

May 11, 2022 - Top 5 Social Media Tips for C-Suite Execs

Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable gathered up expert advice from Tim Bray of Google (Google), Guy Kawasaki of Alltop (formerly Apple), Doug Ulman of Livestrong, John Battelle of Federated Media and Steve Rubel of Edelman on the why and the how when it comes to C-level executives and social media. Their tips and advice range from practice to crucial and point to the need for C-suite executives of this generation to heed social media.

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Business Review Canada by John T. Connelly

May 5, 2022 - New Social Media Marketing Software for Executives

Business Review Canada's John T. Connelly describes how Canadian marketing executives can turn to a new social media marketing software to measure and centralize multiple channels using the Awareness Social Marketing Hub.

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Mashable by Jennifer Van Grove

May 5, 2022 - Social Enterprise: 5 Tips for Getting Execs on Board

Jennifer Van Grove of Mashable spells out 5 expert tips and strategies for moving from talk to action, and advice to help you secure the ever elusive executive buy-in.

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PR News by Scott Van Camp

April 26, 2022 - Getting the Big Picture: Seeing Paradise by The Social Media Dashboard Light

In this article, Scott Van Camp explores the importance of reporting functionality and dashboards that provide insight into all enterprise social media efforts across channels. Comments by Mike Lewis, Vice President of Marketing at Awareness.

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Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang

March 19, 2022 - List of Social Media Management Systems (SMMS)

Jeremiah Owyang, an analyst from Altimeter group, outlines the benefits or Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) and positions the new Awareness Social Marketing Hub at the head of the pack.

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March 18, 2022 - USA TODAY is Serious...about Social Media Marketing

USA TODAY's Digital Marketing group announced their decision to sign on as an earlier adopter of The Awareness Social Marketing Hub and details their reasons behind the decision.

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March 15, 2022 - Awareness Console Helps Biz Manage Social Networks

David Needle, of, comments on his recent demo of The Awareness Social Marketing Hub (with comments by Forrester Research Social Media Analyst Auggie Ray who says, "The value in what Awareness is offering is that it allows you to manage and listen to consumers' thoughts across many channels.")

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March 12, 2022 - 360i Takes You Behind the Scenes at SXSW

Dave Carter, Awareness CTO, was interviewed by David Berkowitz of 360i regarding the Social Marketing Hub

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March 11, 2022 - SXSW preview: Social business content management made easier

Jennifer Leggio discusses how "the Social Marketing Hub could be a game changer for managing social business content."

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No Jitter

February 2009 - Dave Carter talks with No Jitter about Social Media for the Enterprise

Dave discusses eight ways in which firms use social media for outward facing communications...

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February 2009 - Sony Electronics joins with Awareness for new social network effort

Sony Electronics has expanded its corporate blog to debut a new social networking platform for customers looking to connect around its products...

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Forrester Research

January 2009 - Top Social Computing Predictions For 2009

Forrester mentions Awareness in recently released report...

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January 2009 - Social Networks Built to Order

Social media expert Charlene Li of the the Altimeter Group credits Awareness for breaking out specific segments...

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January 2009 - VentureBeat talks about Awareness

Basically, rather than offering a standard social networking website, or building a site from scratch, Awareness has created eight templates that reflect the varying goals of community sites...

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October 2008 - CNN talks about Awareness

In a recent story by CNN they state that this year businesses are expected to spend more than $250 million on social networking tools geared towards them, from vendors like Awareness according to research firm Forrester.

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CMS Wire

August 2008 - Awareness Featured in CMS Wire

CMS Wire talks about social media with Awareness and notes that its a company and a solution that enterprises need to evaluate if they want to truly engage their customers and employees.

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Information Advisor

June 2008 - Enterprise 2.0: Is it Knowledge Management by Another Name?

Information Advisor examines the Awareness offering and talks to Sg2—an early user of its product in this quarter's supplement.

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June 10, 2022 - SharePoint To Run Enterprise 2.0?

Nine companies are saying "yes," having recently launched Enterprise 2.0 offerings that integrate with SharePoint technology.

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June 9, 2022 - Microsoft, other firms take aim at Enterprise 2.0 market with new tools

The goal: meld corporate data with social networks, mashups

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June 9, 2022 - Social Software Snuggles Up to Microsoft SharePoint

Awareness, WorkLight and NewsGator are promoting integration with Microsoft's highly successful SharePoint platform.

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June 9, 2022 - Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 Continues to Emerge as Enterprise 2.0 Platform of Choice

Microsoft Corp., a leading provider of social-computing tools and technologies, today announced ongoing commitment from partners and customers who continue to adopt Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as the platform for social-computing.

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April 20, 2022 - Enterprise 2.0 To Become a $4.6 Billion Industry By 2013

A new report released today by Forrester Research is predicting that enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies is going to increase dramatically over the next five years. This increase will include more spending on social networking tools, mashups, and RSS, with the end result being a global enterprise market of $4.6 billion by the year 2013.

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FASTforward blog

February 26, 2022 - Awareness Research on Enterprise 2.0 Adoption

"I received a useful report from Awareness on adoption trends for web 2.0 tools within the enterprise. In an email survey they found that 54% of organizations with over 500 employees are using web 2.0 tools and 74% of those with under 500 employees."

"The Awareness research found that going forward 28% of organizations with over 500 employees have budgets greater than $50,000 for web 2.0 tools or social media. The top tools planned are blogs and wikis (56%) but many are also planning to deploy online communities."

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Harvard Business School

February 11, 2022 - The Impact of Information Technology on Businesses and their Leaders

"Awareness Networks builds, hosts, and deploys integrated E2.0 suites for an impressive roster of customers. These suites include a variety of tools for both user-generated content and social networking, and are hosted by Awareness and integrated into a customer's existing infrastructure for security and permissions."

"As CEO John Bruce, CTO and co-founder David Carter, and VP of Marketing Eric Schurr walked me through their company and its offerings I found myself nodding along and saying to myself "Yep. Yep. Good idea. Good idea..." When they described how neighborhoods work within Awareness, I think I said "Great idea!" out loud."

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Business Digest

January 2008 - Effective Use of Web 2.0 Tools in the Enterprise

"Companies hope to benefit from using Web 2.0 tools in two ways: externally, they can help to strengthen the brand, increase customer loyalty, and conduct more meaningful dialogue with customers that enables the latter to express their views more openly. Internally, these technologies improve knowledge sharing, expand cooperation, and contribute to building a corporate memory."

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