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Awareness Announces Tie-In to Facebook's Custom Audience Targeted Advertising with Industry-First Social Scoring Functionality

Allows Marketers to Execute Highly Personalized Ads Based on Proprietary, Rules-Based Scoring Algorithm

Facebook Custom AudienceBurlington, MA (October 17, 2021) - Awareness, Inc., provider of on-demand social marketing automation software, today announced an integration with Facebook's Custom Audience Advertising feature, which allows brands to target placed ads or sponsored stories to specific lists of matched email addresses. This integration is available through Awareness' Social Marketing Automation suite, which includes the Social Prospecting, Social Profile Database and Social Scoring modules.

"Facebook's timing could not be better," said Awareness CTO David Carter. "They offer the one-to-one targeting that's currently missing in social media. Awareness offers the tools to identify the right audience for targeted advertising, based on a brand's own defined criteria." 

Awareness' rules-based Social Profiling & Social Scoring allows marketers and brands to identify, store and rank prospects across all the major social networks based on scoring criteria they define. Now, lists generated through Awareness' social scoring functionality can be exported directly from Awareness to Facebook to be used in personalized, segmented advertising allowing marketers to hyper-target individuals on Facebook with specific advertisements.

Awareness' industry-first Social Scoring functionality allows marketers to analyze and apply weighted custom scores to those in a database to easily build segmentation logic to meet specific business goals. For example, marketers can assign a score to those who mention your brand, competitors' brands, or specific high-value keywords. Marketers may also score the value of direct brand engagement, including comments, replies, and participation in Facebook campaigns. Brands can even score profile attributes like location, biography terms, number of followers and interests shared in a social media profile. The result is a finely tuned list that meets brands' needs for customer acquisition, customer retention, or even thought-leader recruitment to amplify their message.

"Unlike many lead systems, social media produces millions of potential leads leaving brands left to decide which ones are most likely to be future customers, or even influencers," explains Mike Lewis, VP of Marketing & Sales at Awareness. "Social Scoring lets brands stack rank all their customer and prospect profiles by assigning custom weights to various activities, engagement metrics and profile attributes."  

By tying lists of scored profiles to Facebook's Customer Audience Advertising, brands can now perform much more sophisticated marketing. For instance, a B2B or B2C company could create two custom lists, based on Awareness' Social Scoring information, one that identifies and targets those who have recently engaged with a brand and previously purchased from the company, and another for those who recently engaged but have never made a purchase. The brand could up-sell a new feature to their current customers and offer a special discount for the first-time purchasers.

Awareness' Social Profiling and Social Scoring data can be integrated with other systems, including a brand's CRM or marketing automation system to provide a holistic view of a customer, augmented by their previous purchase information.

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With a unique combination of technology, experience and thoughtful support, Awareness enables smart marketers to efficiently and effectively generate ROI from 100% trackable social media interactions. It is the leading provider of OnDemand Social Marketing Automation Software designed specifically to address all key aspects of social media marketing -- from demand generation to customer acquisition and social customer engagement. The Awareness Social Marketing Hub, the company's flagship social marketing software, is the only solution available that ties Social Prospecting, Social Scoring and Social Profile Database into one solution resulting in a detailed social marketing ROI. Awareness works with some of the world's leading brands and marketing agencies including Major League Baseball, FOX Broadcasting, NBC Universal (Comcast SportsNet), Raidious, American Cancer Society, Tiger Woods Foundation, The Carlsberg Group, Mindjumpers, Nuance, Demandware, Trend Micro, and Computer Associates.

Backed by NorthBridge Venture Partners, Awareness is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

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