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July 23, 2021


First to Deliver Comprehensive Platform Integrating Popular Social Media Technologies with IT and Administrative Controls
New Financing Led by Greylock Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners
Seasoned Industry Veterans Join Leadership Team

Waltham, Mass. —July 23, 2007 — iUpload today announced new developments that strengthen its position as the leader in the emerging enterprise social media market: a new company name, the Summer 2007 release of its leading enterprise social media platform, a new round of venture financing and several key additions to its executive leadership team, including the appointment of John Bruce as chief executive officer.

iUpload changed its company name to Awareness to reflect the business value that customers get from using its on demand social media platform. By creating online communities that connect employees, customers, prospects and partners, enterprises gain a greater awareness of the needs and desires of its constituencies. Awareness' customers use this information to generate incremental revenue, increase brand loyalty, reduce costs in sales and support, and increase business efficiencies.

Awareness addresses the needs of the three key audiences of any enterprise Web 2.0 initiative - the community members, the community administrators and the IT department - with a uniform architecture for all user-generated content. The Summer 2007 release provides increased participation options for community members, more robust administrative controls for community administrators and increased performance and reliability for enterprise IT.

"Earth Knowledge's mission is about connecting disparate organizations, businesses and government agencies in one place to communicate about the most challenging environmental problems facing today's world. Awareness' social media platform plays a key role in facilitating timely, relevant conversations between these different organizations by incorporating all of the leading edge Web 2.0 technologies," said Frank D'Agnese, president of Earth Knowledge Inc. "The latest version of Awareness has a 'geo' component that lets us tie every item - whether it's a post by a community member or an incoming feed from a geo RSS reader - to its geographical base. This helps us identify, categorize and tag key issues in a more logical and geographical way and helps the Earth Knowledge community have a better visual on what issues face their local communities and the world."

Key capabilities in Awareness Summer 2007 include:

Community Members: More participation options

The new community participation features in Awareness Summer 2007 bring many of the consumer social media services popularized by companies such as Facebook, Flickr,, Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, Technorati and LinkedIn to the enterprise. Members of Awareness-hosted communities can now enjoy rich profiles, bookmarking, content tagging, geo tagging, and an improved user interface that provides a more efficient, enjoyable participation experience. In addition, Awareness has made available a new set of "participation widgets" that companies can embed into their own Web pages to leverage the power of the Awareness platform on their own Web properties. These new features allow organizations to gather and share more detailed information about their community members, build social networking communities and provide a richer participation experience for their users.

Community Administrators: More robust administrative controls

Awareness Summer 2007 includes a configurable rules-based workflow where administrators can create rules that take actions based on content generated by community members. For example, administrators can create rules that control the workflow approval process for user-generated content; automatically approve, reject or categorize postings based on content; flag postings that contain specific words; replace specific words in a posting with other words, HTML, or javascript entries; and more. Awareness Summer 2007 also includes additional configuration tools and options for administrators. These improvements provide critical capabilities for community administrators to properly supervise and moderate enterprise-sponsored communities.

Enterprise IT: Increased performance and reliability

Awareness Summer 2007 now uses memcached, a distributed memory caching system used by leading social media sites which increases system performance for high-volume communities. This new release includes an upgraded and expanded server infrastructure which provides increased performance and reliability.

"Social media is dramatically changing the way individuals interact on the Web, and Awareness is leading the movement to bring social media to the enterprise to generate real business benefits," said John Bruce, CEO of Awareness. "In our Summer '07 release we've taken many of the concepts popularized by social media services such as Facebook, Flickr,, Technorati, Google, and LinkedIn and built them into our platform, so that businesses can leverage them in a secure, controllable way with their employees, customers, partners and prospects."

In addition to its Summer of 2007 release, Awareness also recently completed a new round of financing, led by Greylock Partners and North Bridge Venture Partners, an expansion of its presence in North America through the opening of its U.S. headquarters in Waltham, Mass., and several new appointments to its executive leadership team, (Note: Please see corresponding press release, "Awareness Inc., Formerly iUpload, Expands Management Team with Several Key Executive Additions"), including:

About Awareness
Awareness is an on-demand social media platform where enterprises deploy Web 2.0 technologies to achieve real business benefits. Awareness leverages the power of user-generated content - blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS, social networking, photos, videos, forums, discussion groups, etc. - to create online communities that connect an organization's employees, customers, prospects, and partners. Major corporations such as McDonald's, Kodak, the New York Times, Northwestern Mutual and Cannondale Bicycle Corp. use Awareness to improve employee communication and collaboration, drive new forms of revenue and channels, conduct market research and create a "corporate memory." An Awareness community can be seamlessly integrated into existing intranets or public web sites or presented as a new branded web presence. Backed by Greylock Venture and North Bridge Venture Partners, Awareness is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. For more information visit