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January 12, 2022

iUpload First to Integrate Corporate Blogging Technology with Netsuite

NetFlex Applications Partnership Extends Benefits of CRM and ERP and Enhances Enterprise Communications

Burlington, Ontario and San Mateo, Calif. — January 12, 2022 — iUpload today announced that its enterprise blogging solution is now completely integrated with NetSuite’s on-demand business application software, extending organizational investments in ERP, ecommerce and CRM to improve the way internal and external communications are conducted and managed, while driving operational efficiencies. This integration is driven by iUpload’s membership in NetSuite’s recently launched NetFlex Applications Program, which is the first on-demand development environment to allow third party applications to integrate rich transaction data – orders, inventory, invoices and shipments – with their applications. For more information about the NetFlex Applications Program, please .

The iUpload integration lets NetSuite users leverage the simplicity of iUpload’s blog and wiki technology to securely transform corporate blogs into sophisticated personalized web sites that ultimately feed customer and company information into the NetSuite platform. By providing this flexible and rich format of communication, iUpload gives NetSuite customers the opportunity to broadly collaborate with contacts, customers, workgroups and partners in a way that is much more efficient and thorough than traditional methods such as email and phone.

With iUpload, sales and customer support personnel can achieve a broad level of communication by being able to share information securely and simply through posting to their blog without ever leaving the NetSuite service. By choosing which NetSuite accounts and contacts they would like to give access to, users can invite customers or other employees to comment on or even edit information within the blog. The user can share a variety of information with customers and allow the attendees to add or edit its contents. With a simple customer login, customers can even contribute new content like product suggestions and industry news by simply posting to the blog.

“The NetFlex Applications Program allows third parties to extend NetSuite’s solutions into a host of important applications,” said Zach Nelson, CEO of NetSuite. “iUpload has added to NetSuite’s One System with its corporate blogging solution to meet the needs of organizations who are eager to explore the benefits of blogging, such as building community, improving business communications and enhancing relationships with customers.”

“Blogging is quickly being adopted as a means of improving fundamental communications processes both internally and externally,” said Robin Hopper, CEO of iUpload. “The integration of iUpload within the NetFlex platform provides customers with an enhanced level of dynamic discussion that strengthens how companies communicate, and enables them to participate in a corporate dialogue that spans all departments and issues.”

iUpload’s blogging platform is used by dozens of enterprises and organizations looking to create interactive communities and foster dialogue between various internal and external constituencies. Customers include large newspaper publishers such as Knight-Ridder, financial institutions such as Stillwater National Bank, educational institutions such as Trump University, and major brands such as McDonald’s and Cannondale.

iUpload’s NetSuite integration is available immediately to NetSuite customers by contacting the iUpload sales team at[email protected].

About iUpload
iUpload is a leading content management and corporate blogging software company whose solutions help organizations optimize the marketing potential of their content. Whether you’re an individual, a corporation or a community, iUpload provides a powerful one-stop solution for creating, managing and distributing all of your content, while giving you a new social marketing platform that extends your corporate voice and strengthens your brand across multiple communities. The iUpload Application Suite consists of iUpload Content Manager, iUpload Personal Publisher, iUpload Community Publisher and iUpload Perspectives. All four products work seamlessly together using the same user interface, making it easier for authors of all levels to reach new audiences instantly. iUpload’s scalable approach allows seamless integration into any environment, making them the choice for a wide range of customers. Founded in 1998, iUpload’s headquarters are in Burlington, ON, Canada. For more information visit

About NetSuite
NetSuite enables companies to manage all key business operations in a single, integrated system, which includes customer relationship management; order management and fulfillment; inventory management; finance; ecommerce and Web site management; and employee productivity. NetSuite is delivered as an on-demand service, so there is no hardware to procure, no large, up-front license fee, and no complex set-ups. Finally, NetSuite's patent-pending "real-time dashboard" technology provides an easy-to-use view into role-specific business information that is always up-to-date. For more information about NetSuite, visit: