Eight Best Practices for Social Media Marketing

Awareness launches eight ready-made communities enabling marketers to rapidly deploy social media marketing initiatives

Waltham, MA — January 27, 2022 — Awareness, Inc., the social media marketing company, today announced the availability of the industry's first and only Best Practice Communities: ready-to-deploy online communities and social networks, that are optimized for the top eight social media marketing use cases and business goals. Awareness Best Practice Communities (BPCs) can be rapidly configured and launched in days, allowing marketers to quickly and confidently leverage the power of social media marketing to engage with their customers, build their brand, increase revenues, and build trust and loyalty.

Based on extensive experience working with numerous brand-name companies on social marketing initiatives, including Kodak, Hershey's and McDonald's, Awareness BPCs are configured, styled to match a customer's specific brand identity, and deployed in a matter of days, allowing marketing teams to be nimble and responsive to their market. Each BPC has specific marketing success metrics associated with the company's marketing and business goals and include analytics and reporting functions to measure community success.

The top eight social media marketing case models and business goals that are built into the Awareness BPCs are:

  • Corporate Voice Community: Facilitate a dialog with your audience in a personal, "humanized" voice that builds trust through ongoing conversation.
  • User-Generated Content/Microsite Campaign: Build demand for your products and services through a contest or other viral marketing program and encourage interaction among users through content submission and voting on the submissions of others.
  • Enthusiasts Community: Increase brand awareness by stimulating a common passion in your audience while encouraging members to share thoughts and ideas.
  • Associations/Subscribers Community: Increase customer satisfaction through an exclusive, "velvet-rope" community for customers, association members, or subscribers.
  • Loyalty Community: Enhance customer loyalty by communicating with and rewarding your top customers.
  • Innovation Community: Generate new product ideas by encouraging customers to share ideas and knowledge. Provide a forum to rate customer ideas for product and service enhancements in order to confirm or modify current product plans, and turn potentially negative feedback into constructive criticism.
  • Peer Support Community: Reduce customer service and support costs by providing a vehicle for community members to solve others' problems.
  • Event Community: Build and maintain buzz leading up to and following an event.

"Marketers need to use social media to engage their customers and stimulate conversations around their brands and markets," said Paul Gillin, a veteran technology journalist, social media strategist, and author of The New Influencers and Secrets of Social Media Marketing. "The new mandate for marketers is not to just talk, but to listen and converse. Awareness' Best Practice Communities focus on the use cases that deliver the greatest return from these conversations."

"Our goal is to provide marketers with an easy-to-use, low risk solution to deploy social media marketing," said John Bruce, CEO, Awareness. "Marketers want to know that their social media initiatives are aligned with their business goals, and can be rapidly deployed with a clear way to measure success. Our Best Practice Communities allow organizations to dip their toe into the social media marketing waters and provide the flexibility to dive in once they have realized the tremendous business potential."

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Join us on January 28 for a Twebinar featuring Chris Brogan, social media marketing expert and President of New Marketing Labs; Paul Gillin, a veteran technology journalist, social media strategist, and author of The New Influencers and Secrets of Social Media Marketing; and Marcy Cohen of Sony Electronics to learn about the state of social media marketing and how Sony has used Awareness Best Practice Communities to improve their marketing initiatives. Click here to register.

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Awareness builds online communities for companies who want to leverage social media marketing to engage with their customers, build their brand, and increase revenues. An early leader in enterprise social media, Awareness works with some of the world's most respected companies, including Kodak, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and Hershey's, to transform their marketing and create deeper relationships with customers. The Awareness solution features an on-demand Social Media Marketing Platform that combines user-generated content and social networking with security and control. Awareness also provides strategic guidance, best practices, and expert services to design, implement, and manage social communities.

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