Awareness announces next generation of communication:

"Grugging" New form of hyper-micro-blogging be released in Summer 2009

Waltham, MA — April 1, 2022 —Awareness Inc., the leader in Social Media Marketing, today announced the next generation in communication, termed "grugging".

Chief Technology Officer, David Carter explained:

    "We started in the business of content management for the big pages that make up a web site. This gave way to blogging which are smaller 'posts' of information contributed by the masses. The runaway success of Twitter and micro blogging has shown the world how much can be said in only 140 characters. We are pushing that envelope to make communication even more concise and efficient."

Continuing on this trend, Awareness unveiled the concept of "grugging" which is short for grunt-blogging. Grugging returns the act of communication to a more primal level and requires the user express all they need to say with monosyllabic expressions. "If you look are today’s culture you will see we still find ourselves communicating in that primal way," Carter explains. "As an example, Johnny Depp brought resurgence in the expression ‘Aargh’, in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. Just the other day, I wanted to let a colleague know I did not find any value in his ideas so simply stated 'Duh!'.

Grugging is ideal for communicating in a downward economy as it is more concise, efficient and cost-effective. "People are having difficulty finding an ROI in more cumbersome forms of communication. In today’s economy, we have to do more with less.", said Mike Lewis VP of Marketing at Awareness. In a private press briefing, journalists found themselves agreeing or disagreeing with the new product by simply stating "ahh" or "huh?"

As a primer on grugging, Awareness pointed to some great "Grugs" made on their staff intranet. These included phrases like "Weee", "Zzzz", "Whoah", "Eh", "Ewww", "Hmmf". In an effort to further refine the new form of communication, the development team at Awareness has been developing a proprietary grugging algorithm for their platform that is based primarily on vocalizations taken from Rocky movies, George W. Bush press conferences and the playful banter of rhesus monkeys.

"Grugging is just one small step," Carter warned. "We are quick to declare each new media the winner, but there is so much to do. Our R&D; team is already working on a communication system which only uses punctuation. As mobile technology catches up, we can expect communication to be completely binary. I see a day when your Facebook account has a simple zero or a one on the screen. It’s not there today, but we have to dream big."

Awareness’ Grugging Platform has a targeted release date of Summer 2009 with additional features rolling out in the following months. For additional details on Grugging visit

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