Turn Social Media Hype into Measurable ROI with New Dashboards from Awareness

Latest On-Demand Social Media Marketing Software Release Delivers Key Success Metrics to Drive Social Media ROI Based on Business Objectives

Waltham, MA — July 8, 2022 — Awareness, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand social media marketing software, today announced the addition of social media dashboards to the latest version of its on-demand social media marketing software.

More than simple reporting, the dashboards offer an unprecedented view into an online community, arming community managers, marketers, and executives with the data and statistics they need to make real-time decisions and understand the overall health of the community. The new dashboards provide powerful, deep insights into the strength of a community as well as deliver a measurable ROI based on business objectives.

Dashboards are personalized for each Awareness Best Practice Community—pre-packaged, ready-to-deploy online communities designed around specific business objectives—and begin collecting and reporting on key social media metrics immediately when a new online community is launched. Each Best Practice Community includes a dashboard that collects metrics that are specific to that use case. For example, 'page views', 'top contributors' and 'number of comments' are some of the metrics tracked in the Corporate Voice Community, while the Peer Support Community displays 'open questions' versus 'answered questions' and highlights 'top peer supporters' in the community.

"Companies think of ROI as the 'dirty word' of the social media space," said David Carter, CTO and Co-Founder at Awareness." It's easy to get lost in the excitement and hype of social media and forget to tie it back to business goals. We have learned that aligning social media with business objectives makes tracking ROI very straightforward. Our BPC's provide a great first step and the dashboards take them to the next level by giving marketers the ability to track key metrics and realize a social media ROI for their community."

The new dashboards have been released for each of the Awareness' Eight BPCs and are available immediately. Each dashboard includes key success metrics and ROI numbers around the community as well as the recommended widgets to syndicate community content to help drive community success. The new Awareness dashboards are preconfigured around business objectives, making it easy to begin tracking success metrics around your community from the moment it is implemented.

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Awareness builds online communities for companies who want to leverage social media marketing to engage with their customers, build their brand, and increase revenues. An early leader in enterprise social media, Awareness works with some of the world's most respected companies, including Kodak, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, and Hershey's, to transform their marketing and create deeper relationships with customers. The Awareness solution features an on-demand Social Media Marketing Platform that combines user-generated content and social networking with security and control. Awareness also provides strategic guidance, best practices, and expert services to design, implement, and manage social communities.

Backed by Greylock Partners and NorthBridge Venture Partners, Awareness is headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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