Apple releases iTunes with Podcast Support

Apple just released iTunes version 4.9 which has podcasting support built right in, so you can subscribe and iTunes will look after downloading and sync'ing your favourite podcasts to your iPod automatically. Download and install the new version and a "Podcasts" item will now appear in the left column where you can manage your subscriptions.

Quick tutorial... Podcasting in Personal Publisher is no more difficult than creating a normal post. Create your post, click on "Attach" to browse, select and upload your audio file, then click the "Podcast?" checkbox. That's it... your podcast will be part of your RSS feed.

If you want to go a step further you can create an RSS feed or channel that contains only podcasts for people to subscribe to by first creating a new category. Any time you do a podcast make sure you apply that category and in the Blog Setup-->Syndicate Tab, check the box beside your category so that it has it's own RSS Feed.

Listen to the podcasted version here.
Latest version will take Podcasting further into mainstream...
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