One expert's opinion about the Awareness Facebook Integration: "A Smart Move"

I'm excited by a recent blog post by Bill Ives, a popular blogger who posts on the Fast Forward blog and elsewhere, entitled "Awareness makes a smart move with its Facebook integration."   Needless to say, I'm thrilled that someone in Bill's position with an objective view of the social media landscapes thinks so highly about what we've done with Facebook.

We certainly get lots of positive reactions from people when we talk about our Facebook integration.  The concept is simple and appealing:  we can create a white-labeled Facebook application for a customer that extends their Awareness-powered community's reach into Facebook.  That means the community members can access their Awareness-powered community from directly inside Facebook.  It's convenient for users, and it leverages the viral marketing features of Facebook, which is good for the sponsoring company.

Bill's post does more than just talk about our Facebook integration; he explains the benefits of having your own branded community rather than just creating a group in Facebook (BTW, you can do both, they are not mutually exclusive).   It's certainly worth a read.
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