P&G;'s Social Media Lab

I'm working on a pretty cool project with our friends at P&G (Procter and Gamble).   Along with the team from P&G, Awareness is building the social media lab to allow P&G brands and specific partners to interact and discuss how social media might be used.  We are also one of the partners participating in the lab.  Its a nice change to be building something we get to participate in as well.

As a gigantic brand company P&G and all the brands are struggling with the variety of ways that you can use social media to connect customers, generate buzz, and talk casually with your audience. If you look at the breadth of products (Even I I was suprised and I was expecting a large variety or products) they could basically match each brand with a specific partner and learn something form each.

I think the approach is a great one, since each brand can learn from what the others are doing.  Once any projects are underway, the community can hopefully be a place to discuss what is/has worked.  While we are building this site, we are also a partner participating in it and I am excited to engage the brands in some discussions and show off our wares.

Are their risks?  You bet.  The community will also have participation from people we compete with.  That's the way of the Web 2.0 world.  Embrace the openness as big reward even though its minor risk.  The openness will also let us see what companies we may want to partner with.

Once the community is underway, I'll blog again, but its a great example of Web 2.0 mentality in an enterprise.

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