Social Analytics

SocialAnalyticsMeasure and Improve Your Performance with Social Analytics

Social measurement has long been considered the most baffling piece of the social marketing pie. Marketers struggled with both collecting and interpreting data, and it was thought that only the ‘big boys’ had the resources for true data analysis. This is no longer the case thanks to Social Analytics, a key module of the AwarenessHub.

Social Analytics is measurement evolved, allowing marketers to move beyond looking at what happened in their social marketing to discover why it happened and how it can be improved. With Social Analytics, marketers can manipulate relevant social data to fit their needs and drill down to discover what factors contribute to specific outcomes. Social Analytics allows for:

  • The identification trends and anomalies
  • The ability to do comparative analysis
  • The ability to understand cause & effect
  • Customization of reports
  • An easy to use interface
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