Social Scoring

Segment and Target Your Audience Social Scoring

Using this ground-breaking capability, companies can easily build their own segmentation logic to meet the specific goals of their business. Marketers can create Scorecards (targeted lists of Social Profiles) based on weighted activity and demographic information. Each Social Profile in the Scorecard will have a dynamic score, similar to a customized Klout score. For example, users may create customized Scorecards for Social Buying Behavior, Competitive Interactions, and Social Influencers. Prospects can then be targeted for messaging via the Hub or integrated into CRM, marketing automation, and email management systems. Social Lead Scoring Audit Trails show the demographic and behavioral criteria that contribute to a Social Profile’s Scores.

  • Score and segment profiles based on hundreds of demographic and behavioral criteria
  • Create multiple scorecards to align with you specific objectives
  • Change and update scorecard algorithms based on what you learn

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