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The Awareness Associations/Subscribers Best Practice Community (BPC) allows you to build a private community for your customers, members of an association, or subscribers to a service. The community allows you to create special categories or areas that support the needs of various member types or levels (e.g., gold customers, silver customers, etc.). You can also create public areas so non-members have some limited access to the community, while members have full access to richer and more extensive content. This BPC promotes mechanisms to find other members, facilitate member-to-member communication as well as brand-to-member communication, and other social networking aspects of the platform.

Use Case

Any business with a formal memberships or subscriber base can form an Associations/Subscriber community.

Success Metrics

The Awareness Associations/Subscriber Best Practice Community includes the following built-in recommended success metrics:

  • Number of Members vs. Member Activity Chart
  • New Members this month (By level)
  • Most Active Members
  • Net Promoter Score Gauge

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