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The Awareness Corporate Voice Best Practice Community (BPC) is a group blog where you provide the majority of the content while registered user participation is focused on commenting and voting. This type of community allows you to speak to your market in a personal, “humanized” voice and receive direct feedback.

Use Case

There are many uses for a corporate voice community:

  • Executive dialogue: CEO, CTO, CMO, etc.
  • Product or technology areas: direct communication between a product team and its users to keep them informed about news and activities and hear what they think.
  • Corporate topics: provides a way to have a personal dialog with your market about topical issues (e.g., environmental, brand-related, etc.)

Success Metrics

The Awareness Corporate Voice Best Practice Community includes the following built-in recommended success metrics:

  • Page Views Trend
  • Number of Comments against Post Dates
  • Number of Registered Users Trend
  • Net Promoter Score Gauge

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