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Build and Reward Loyalty

The Awareness Loyalty Best Practice Community (BPC) allows you to create a community to communicate with and reward your most loyal customers - gold club, premiere, etc. Typically by invitation only or through membership in a formal loyalty program, this type of community makes your customers feel exclusive and special. Loyalty communities often solicit members for feedback on products/services before they are launched and encourage dialogue between members of the community.

Use Case

You can form a Loyalty community when:

  • You have a loyal base of customers with whom you would like to engage and reward
  • You have a formal loyalty program that you would like to build on

Success Metrics

The Awareness Loyalty Best Practice Community includes the following built-in recommended success metrics:

  • Number of Members vs. Member Participation graph
  • Number of Page Views Trend
  • Top Contributing Members
  • Net Promoter Score Gauge

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