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Centralize your organization's social media marketing

The Awareness Social Marketing Hub provides serious marketing with the tools needed to get strategic about social media marketing.

Centralize organizational access to social media channels

Many organizations have social marketing efforts that are spread across teams and geographies with very little central control. The Hub lets marketers centralize social media marketing with one tool and helps stop the social media chaos.

Update or remove published content in dozens of places with one-click

Manually tracking, updating, and deleting social media content can range from difficult and time-consuming to impossible. The Hub allows each of these activities to be performed with one step. Marketers can literally remove content from hundreds of published channels with one step.

View detailed audit trails and publication history for every piece of published content

It's often impossible for enterprises to determine who published what to a social channel and when. The Hub provides a permanent record of all published content including date/time of publication, destination, and publisher.

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