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2007 was a busy year, we're seeing a rapid increase in interest from companies who want to use our platform to build communities.. internally and externally facing, with some cases a blend of both.
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I'd say the Office 2.0 show was worth the trip to San Francisco. Here's why * Great networking event for analysts, key bloggers and companies who intend to participate in this space * A few though provoking discussions on what new issues may come up that have not been discussed nearly enough. * I got a free iPhone that does not work in Canada. Here's some lowlights * No customers. Not true.. I met one... but he was speaking. Its pretty clear this is not on Fortune 500's radar. The Enterprise 2.0 show in Boston a few months seemed better attended in this respect, and I was disappointed in that. * The 9 minute demos were poorly attended, and mostly by the next half dozen people who were presenting. This is probably based on my previous point. Also they were during the main sessions. * I got a free iPhone that does not work in Canada.
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IDC writes about the importance of social media and Awareness Inc.
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