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Barb Mosher of CMSWire  recently interviewed our co-founder and CTO, David Carter, and she published this article: Profile: Social Media with Awareness.  She does a nice job of capturing the "essence" of Awareness and some interesting thoughts and insights from Dave about social media.

To give you a flavor for the article's tone, here's an excerpt that says it best in Barb's own words:

"Expecting it to be a good review of their product and how it works, we
were pleasantly surprised to have a genuinely good conversation about
social media in the enterprise in general. A discussion that made this
writer more open to the possibilities of enterprise social networks."

You might find the article interesting.

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I was wearing my Demo@15 golf shirt today. A member of our staff asked what "Demo@15" was and was immediately chastised by another Awareness staffer for not knowing what "Demo" is. Some of our staff doesn't even know we were called iUpload. So, this post serves as a document of how it all began with co-founder Robin Hopper and me. It's my post, so it is a little "dave-centric".
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