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One of the barriers I personally experience every day is the repetition of input. What I mean by that is that I may send an email which contains information that could be useful to others.
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The resistance to share your knowledge at this stage of the game will make you obsolete. The current trend outside the enterprise has already witnessed the power of collective thought...imagine what a company could do if it listened from the bottom up instead of talking from the top down.
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We've recently started using Campfire amongst our implementation team for real-time collaboration and although it is hard to get people kick old MSN & Skype habits, the benefits of using Campfire became obvious very quickly:
  • Basecamp integration (we're diehard users of Basecamp)
  • Real-time collaboration amongst distributed teams
  • Project specific discussions with recorded transcripts
  • Real-time file-sharing
The biggest complaint amongst the team was that you have to keep a browser tab open and that the only way you really see a new message if you either have your headphones on or if you notice that the title of the browser tab with Campfire open has changed to indicate a new message.  However, I think I've found the solution to this, Flare.

Flare allows you to:
  • Stay logged into your current Campfire room in the background
  • Be notified of new messages with a preview.
  • Reference a tray icon to see if you've missed any new messages while you've been away from your desk.
Does anyone else have any great Basecamp integrations that they rely on?
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