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Want to hear about the successful use of social media in a customer-facing community?  Information Advisor magazine recently interviewed one of our customers, Sg2, and published an article about their experiences with social media.  It's a quick read and a good one -- if you want to hear about why they are using social media, how it fits into their strategy, and why they chose Awareness, you'll want to read this.

Sg2 has embraced the notion of community and social media in a big way. Here's a quote from the article that highlights this point:  "While we could have just kept our website and added a "community" tab, we really wanted to push the envelope and create the entire site around our community. So now the website is the community."

How cool is that?

To read the whole article, follow this link to view the Information Advisor story

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I saw this article in Mashable about 35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action.  It's a pretty good summary of some cool examples -- I especially like it because at least three of them are Awareness customers: Jet Blue, Marriott, and McDonald's.

You can read about each of them -- and watch a video from Jet Blue on social media -- on the Awareness customer page.

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We recently launched a community for MD Funds Management - a division of MD Financial, the financial services provider to all Canadian physicians as part of the nationalized healthcare system - called MD Investment Insight. The site is used internally by  MD Financial Consultants to share learnings and best practices to better serve the interests of their Canadian clients.

One really cool aspect of the community is that Investment Insight is available in both French and English because Canada is a bilingual country. There's also a neat social networking aspect to it where users can build their own profiles to share information and post content.

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