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Barb Mosher of CMSWire  recently interviewed our co-founder and CTO, David Carter, and she published this article: Profile: Social Media with Awareness.  She does a nice job of capturing the "essence" of Awareness and some interesting thoughts and insights from Dave about social media.

To give you a flavor for the article's tone, here's an excerpt that says it best in Barb's own words:

"Expecting it to be a good review of their product and how it works, we
were pleasantly surprised to have a genuinely good conversation about
social media in the enterprise in general. A discussion that made this
writer more open to the possibilities of enterprise social networks."

You might find the article interesting.

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Big Day for Awareness Platform

While the folks in marketing will issue a proper press release, I wanted to take a few lines to talk about why I am excited about our latest release....
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