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I was driving to work the other day listening to an interview with an author discussing our obsession with 'staying young' - this is primarily an issue with women as we contemplate ways to somehow maintain a lineless face exhibiting no history of our stories - as if this gives us character or beauty?  However that's a completely different blog so back to the topic at hand (as I lovingly apply anti-aging serum).

So, this whole fountain of youth discussion got me thinking about ways to 'stay youthful' and obviously, social media came to mind.  I truly believe that social media is a tool to 'keep us young'.  It's by no means a fountain of youth but in many ways, it does in fact keep the mind and the spirit 'youthful'. 

Look at the content that we as a collective group share across all boundaries regardless of age, title, status etc. - Often times the content might just be silly, mocking politics, the state of the world, or it can be pertinent to the world of social media marketing that I exist in. Regardless - we are sharing - the conversation never stops.  It keeps my mind tuned and active on a constant basis.  That has to beneficial?  How many people, friends, relatives and colleagues do you know that now participate in communities, blogs, have a Facebook page, etc.?  Most I presume.  I even saw my mother had created a Facebook page the other day (she'll be 60 on Friday)!  Social media engages people and although many of us use it at a vehicle for education, many utilize it for fun as well. 

Point being - social media is bridging a gap between generations and cultures.  It allows for the older to connect with the younger - stay in tune and 'hip' to what's current and it allows for the younger to learn from those who have broader experiences to share.   There's a flow as opposed to a barrier.
Each time my 'Twitterrific' pops up and I see an interesting post or note, I read.  My mind is constantly being stimulated.  The best trick to keep the mind and body young is to remain active - and so in that regard I'm doing my best to stay fit - wouldn't the assumption be for anyone utilizing social media on a regular basis that you would reap the benefits as well?  So perhaps on some level, social media is one of the answers to the long sought after fountain of youth?  Drink from the cup - (even though it often times might over flow-eth), and you just might be around a bit longer...

Now, if I could just figure out a way to burn some significant calories and get my heart rate up while blogging, Twittering, Facebooking and the like....hmmmmm

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What social bookmarking/news sites do you regularly use?

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