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One of the barriers I personally experience every day is the repetition of input. What I mean by that is that I may send an email which contains information that could be useful to others.
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So I am missing the Enterprise 2.0 show in Boston as I had committed to speakng at Morgan Stanley's CTO Summit.  Honestly I thought I was getting the short end of the stick since its a different time zone and I had very little chance of connecting with my E2.0 homey's  (I don't really talk like that unless I am trying to add a cool factor to what I do.. cue my teenage daughters rolling their eyes).

I actually present tomorrow, but the event kicked off today with Morgan Stanly's CIO giving a keynote and some breakout sessions.  I came "this close" to skipping out and I am happy to say I did not.

I expected the Morgan speech to go like this... "We are a giant company.. play your cards right and you, little vendor, could get a tidy chunk of revenue out of us.  Now dance for us. blah blah blah. "  I have to eat crow here, Jonathan Saxe, the Global CIO, kicked off the whole meeting with complete transparency. He broke out of how they spend money in I.T. and the kinds of problems they need to solve. They were very candid about what works, what doesn't work and how to navigate a financial services company. They even gave a generic session on selling to Wall Street.  They candidly told us home many vendors were followed up with last year and how many got contracts.   I can't say I have ever been dealt with that transparent/honestly by a company that size.

This feels like cheating on a test.  Morgan Stanley has given us all the questions. I'm looking forward to sharing our answers with the rest of the class.
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While the folks in marketing will issue a proper press release, I wanted to take a few lines to talk about why I am excited about our latest release.

Our latest release offers some great features. Last year we introduced "living profiles" giving each community the ability to add profile questions on-the-fly and find out more about their members. More importantly it allowed those members to find out more about each other. There were also some other great features like bookmarking, wiki's, tagging, geo-tagging. Administrators got some help with a bunch of enhancements, including word filters to take different actions on a post based on what words are in that post. I'm skimming the surface, but I'm happy to say none of that feels long-in-the-tooth and here we are pushing the envelope again today.

As you know, Awareness is an enterprise social media platform that our clients launch industrial strength communities and UGC campaigns. A feature I'm pumped about are "People Lists". Friends are important to public social media site, but that doesn't translate to Intranets (aren't people in the same company ALL friends?) or very purposed communities. Awareness gives individuals "people lists" that cane be used to set up content watches and permission what attributes of my profile different people can see. This takes the already granular permissioning that we already have, and puts more power in the hands of the individuals. Those members can also publish a "status" and decide who can see that. While we are on that theme, adhoc Groups are a feature that is in high demand. Our platform already has let community administrators create areas called Neighborhoods that closely mirrored exist company organization structures like "Sales", "Marketing". Communities can now let member s create groups without any administrator involvement. Those groups can be private or public collaboration spaces.

On the theme of "talk nerdy to me", I'm very jazzed about what we have done with our API. We have exposed just about all aspects of the platform via the API so customers can us as an powerful social media engine to drive apps that they develop, or just like before, use our exsiting templates and code to quickly enable communities. I have a list of cool little widgets and mashups I want to see in the platform and now I can get at them without even involving our core development team. Essentially the API gives our clients the social ingredients, and they can dream up all kind of interesting recipes. One of the first usea of the API was to create the MS SharePoint integration we also announced today. If you aren't comfortable with using an API, we also have Widgets you can drop in any web page. Over the coming weeks I'll try to post some code samples. There's a ton more stuff, so visit our site for details. I'll try to blog my perspective and samples.
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Big Day for Awareness Platform

While the folks in marketing will issue a proper press release, I wanted to take a few lines to talk about why I am excited about our latest release....
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