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So here's a gem which I hope will make you smile; I sure did.

Smiles aside though, there's good value in the message.

As fun as social media can be, it is also a place where careful moderation is best. 

Whether your prospects, clients, employers or friends and family are visiting you at Facebook, reading your tweets, connecting at LinkedIn, or reading your blog, you'll want to me sure who and what is coming in is as important as what you send out.

It reminds of the tried and true...we are only good as those we surround ourselves with.

Happy Friday
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I'm not sure why stuff like this still surprises me, but it looks like the Social Network created by David Hasselhoff is turning out to be a bit of a success, at least if you count the number of users on it.  The social network, Hoffspace, already counts over 10000 users according to an article on The Next Web.

So here's my question to you...if you could only join 1 social network and you had to choose between a Chuck Norris themed social network and a David Hasselhoff themed social network, which would you choose? :)  I think I'd have to go with Chuck...because Chuck Norris can sneeze with his eyes open.

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