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If you're like me, you absolutely HATE doing your expenses!  Collecting your receipts, punching them into a spreadsheet, adding notes...not fun at all!  Well, I found a great little tool called Xpenser that removes that headache and even does currency conversions for you...woohoo! 

During my recent trip to Budapest all I had to do was send an email (ex: "Taxi $7000 huf To Budapest Airport") to a specified email address and my expense would be tracked in real-time, in the proper currency!  With all that work completed, I just needed to export the report from Xpenser, print it out and staple all the receipts to it and I was done!  Here's a link to the site if you want to try it out...
  • http://xpenser.com/
Let me know what you think about it.

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I was reading the recent announcement by FaceBook Friday. FaceBook Connect is very exciting even though it does not seem to have been met with the fanfare of the FaceBook platform last year. That's right, the FaceBook platform is only a year old. Wow, seems like we have had applications like "Scrabulous" and "Visual Bookshelf" forever.
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I've already been asked 4 times today what I thought about "Open Social". Open Social is Google's initiative to allow developers to write to one API and pick which social "host" to get the data from.
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