Why companies will need to change as a result of web 2.0

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on February 21, 2022
As mentioned in a previous post, I have spent a couple of days in London, UK. The location is great, but getting here was a nightmare. Those who follow my status on Twitter, or FaceBook will know this. I spent a day updating my status obsessively. Like it or not, my friends would have received a real time feed of what I ate, and how I felt about the airline. Web 2.0 is changing a lot of things. The collective emotion around a particular product or service can be measures in what people are writing and posting in the blogs, and profiles. People are sharing information and aggregating data. Read more

Talking "Mobile" in London

Excerpt from David Carter's blog on February 20, 2022
I'm spending a couple of days in the UK this week. During my trip a few customers have talked about mobile devices and their role in social networking and in user generated content. I thought I'd share my thoughts on this. Today people think of the mobile handset as simply a limited, small screen device with a crappy keyboard. I think in its current incarnation that this is true. The iPhone and a few others improve on this, but there is no way I'd key this blog entry on my iPhone. However, I think some interesting things are happening to change the devices role. Read more

Communities, Categories,and Neighborhoods: Key organizational concepts in Awareness Communities

Excerpt from Eric Schurr's blog on January 31, 2022
To serve the needs of different community designs, Awareness communities can be built around some key organizing constructs which are explained in a recent white paper we just published. Read more