Community Feature: Community Organization

The Awareness Platform allows both community administrators and users to organize the community by creating Neighborhoods and Groups.


Neighborhoods are created by administrators and provide security features akin to those of a main community. The design and moderation is highly configurable and membership is controlled by a community administrator. The depth and appearance of the neighborhood can be designed by administrators, making the community adaptable to any special initiatives the administrator may want to create.


Groups are created by community members and are populated by invitation or request. The creator of the group can specify a logo and name.

Moderation falls under the rules created for the community at large.

Neighborhoods vs. Groups

Here is a side by side comparison of neighborhoods vs. groups:

Neighborhoods are deployed for larger focuses such as knowledge sharing about specific product or marketing initiatives that have a specialized focus.

Groups are an organic gathering of users looking to converse and share information around a common topic they have interest in.