Broadly Connecting People and Content

The Awareness platform allows you to broadly connect people and content by extending your community to wherever your users "live." By leveraging Awareness widgets, APIs, and integrations with third-party web services, your users can interact with an Awareness-powered community from Facebook, widget-based services such as iGoogle, and literally any HTML page.

This groundbreaking approach allows you to leverage the power of your community on Web 1.0 sites as well allowing you to integrate with popular Web 2.0 websites.

Branded Web 2.0 Community. Awareness creates branded Web 2.0 communities that are completely in the style and identity of the sponsoring company. The content in this community can be leveraged in many ways:

  • Any HTML Page. By using Awareness widgets and API you can deploy various features of the Awareness platform onto any HTML page. This allows additional integration into your existing web properties as well as the ability to spread your content virally throughout the Internet.
  • Various web applications like iGoogle. Awareness widgets can be placed on various widget-based web properties. We give developers the tools to use our API and Widgets to deploy community content throughout the web.
  • Facebook. Awareness can create for you a customized Facebook application that allows your community content to be shared virally in Facebook. Facebook users can display this application on their page helping drive traffic to your community.