Awareness Best Practice Community: Innovation

Generate Ideas

The Awareness Innovation Best Practice Community (BPC) allows you to turn on a community so your customers can share and rate each other's ideas for ongoing product/service enhancements. This type of community can stimulate new product ideas, confirm or modify current product plans, and turn potentially negative feedback into constructive criticism. Heavy on voting, this BPC bakes in Awareness unique features to draw more content out of user interactions – as an example, by default three voting questions will be attached to each idea submission.

Use Case

Innovation communities can be formed whenever there’s a desire to solicit input from an audience to influence the development of a product, service, or program.

  • Creation of a new product
  • Creation or a new service
  • Major changes to a new product or service
  • Market research into customer preferences
  • Exploration of how to improve a business program (e.g., subscriber program, partner program, etc.)

Success Metrics

  • Number of Members vs. Number of Ideas Trend Graph
  • Number of Acted on Ideas Trend ($ value per accepted Idea)
  • Latest Ideas
  • Net Promoter Score Gauge


Examples of successful Innovation communities can be found here.