Community Features: Profiles

Members maintain their own profiles in an Awareness community. Awareness profiles are both custom and dynamic.


The definition of a profile is customized to meet the specific needs of each community. For example:

  • A community for employees might contain profile attributes such as name, title, key responsibilities, work background, manager's name, etc.
  • A community for cancer patients might contain profile attributes such as name, type of cancer, method of treatment, stage, etc.
  • A community for travelers might contain profile attributes such as name, location, date of last trip, preferred type of vacation, travel frequency, etc.


Community administrators can add profile attributes over time as the needs of the community change. They can also decide if the new attributes are required or optional.

Members also have the option of deciding if their profile attributes are public or private. For example, you may want to ask members for their birth date or location, but some members might not want that information displayed.

Connect Content and Users

People lists. Using people lists, users can control whom they want to follow in the community as well as who can follow their status. Users can track the content their colleagues and friends are creating to easily find shared user generated content.

Profile Privacy. This feature allows users to group members and assign them rights to access their profile information. Using this, a member can control who can see which parts of their profile. For example, a user may want to only let their friends see their birthday but not other community members.

Profile status. Status allows a user to post short messages on their profile and wherever status messages are displayed throughout the community. Users can alert members of the community by using their status to display what they are presently working on, their current thoughts, or ask questions to generate discussions.

Activity feeds. Activity feeds report all the actions a user takes (e.g., posts, comments, wiki edits, status changes, profile changes, etc.) The feeds respect all content security and user privacy settings.

A user can see another’s specific activities if they are authorized to:

  • See the related content in the activity feed
  • See the user’s status in the activity feed
  • See the part of the user’s profile reported in the activity feed