Community Features: Enterprise Security & Control

It's crucial to ensure that the content for your community is properly organized, protected, and meets your standards for quality.

Awareness addresses these needs through Enterprise Security and Control that spans two major areas:

Community administrators

Awareness provides community administrators with the tools they need to:

  • Organize content. Create an unlimited number of categories to any level of depth, pull in RSS feeds, create link lists, etc.
  • Manage users. Segment users into different groups and assign them appropriate status (trusted, untrusted, suspended, etc.)
  • Assign permissions. Manage the relationship between users and content: which users can post to which category? Who can read what? Who can edit certain wikis? Who can comment on what content?
  • Moderate content. Content moderation can be manual (i.e., explicitly approved by a moderator) and automated (based on rules that are applies to every bit of content, including user submissions and RSS feeds).
  • Understand community activity. Reports and metrics provide insight into community participation.

Read more about the technology Awareness provides for community administrators here.

Enterprise IT

Awareness communities are built specifically for enterprises and incorporate key features:

  • Multiple authentication methods. Combine integration with single sign-on systems, and identity management systems with password authentication to control who has access to your community and what they can do.
  • Integration with enterprise search. If you use an enterprise search system, Awareness can integrate with it to provide expanded search capabilities in your community.
  • Data migration. Need to move some existing content or user profiles into your new Awareness community? No problem. We have a variety of ways to do it.
  • Backup/recovery. The Awareness on-demand platform ensures your data is well managed and available.
  • Secure, reliable operation. The Awareness on-demand platform data center is SaaS Type II certified and optimized for Web 2.0 traffic patterns.

Read more about the technology Awareness provides for Enterprise IT here.