Awareness Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

The Awareness SharePoint integration is valuable for users that "live" in SharePoint and need to engage with Groups outside the enterprise, including customers, partners, prospects, etc. By integrating internal-facingSharePoint environments with social networking participation points from external-facing Web 2.0 communities, it becomes much easier to pull valuable information into the enterprise where people can use it. Microsoft SharePoint users can now engage and directly connect with Awareness-powered, external-facing Web 2.0 communities, bringing the value of external-facing social media to SharePoint users.

Click here to download a PDF detailing the Microsoft SharePoint and Awareness Integration.

SSO Integration between Awareness community and SharePoint

  • Awareness Community leverages SharePoint / Active Directory authentication for single-sign on purposes
  • Awareness Community security and permissioning is respected when displaying Awareness Community data in SharePoint

Social Networking and Participation Web Parts for SharePoint

  • Aggregation Web Parts display content from Awareness communities
  • Contribution Web Parts allow SharePoint users to post content, create/edit wikis, start/respond to discussions, etc.
  • Social Networking Web Parts allows user to display friends list, status, etc.
  • Commenting Web Part for SharePoint content
  • Rating Web Part for SharePoint content

Awareness Enhanced Profile

  • My Photo
  • My Profile
  • My Wall

Integrated Search

  • Ability to search Awareness content from within SharePoint

Administrative and Reporting Web Part for SharePoint

  • Awareness Community Dashboard Web Part