The Awareness Platform Summer ’08 release brings powerful new capabilities to the Awareness platform that allow for the rapid creation of dynamic, feature-rich, Web 2.0 communities.

The highlights of this release are:

  • A richer user experience through improved social networking, a customizable user interface, and new organizational constructs in communities (neighborhoods and groups)
  • Broader gathering and sharing of content through improved widgets and an expanded API
  • Integration with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 allows you to connect your SharePoint users with your external-facing Awareness-powered communities. This integration was made possible through the development of a strategic relationship with Microsoft.
  • Greater insight into community activity and metrics through advanced community management and reporting
  • Dramatic increases in performance and scalability

Some Key Features/Enhancements

  • Improved social networking
    • People lists
    • Status
    • Profile privacy
    • Presence
    • Activity Feeds

  • Personalized user interface
    • Drag and drop UI
    • Rich user experience

  • User-created Groups and Neighborhoods
    • Ad-hoc and structured community organization
    • "Gathering places" for interested users
    • A way to show affiliation

  • Portable widgets and improved APIs
    • Broad mechanism to gather and distribute content
    • Empowers companies/partners to build or extend their own communities
    • Integrate with other collaboration/social networking services

  • SharePoint integration
    • Bring the power of Web 2.0 communities to SharePoint
    • Connect SharePoint users to external-facing Web 2.0 communities

  • Advanced community management and reporting
    • Greater insight into the patterns and trends of the community
    • Participation metrics
    • Reports and graphs about user activity, content usage, etc.

  • Increases in performance and scalability
    • Fast page load times
    • Large communities
    • Large volumes

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Awareness Platform Summer Release