Awareness Best Practice Communities

Are you interested in Social Media Marketing but not sure exactly what you need? Or do you have a specific business goal in mind and want the best solution for it? Either way, we can help you. Based on our years of experience in serving the needs of many customers, we've identified the top eight Social Media Marketing use cases. For each one we've created a pre-fabricated, ready-to-deploy community called an Awareness Best Practice Community (BPC). Each one contains our best practices for its particular use case and can be styled to match the look-and-feel that you want for your community.

The benefits to you:

  • Rapid deployment. Because these Awareness Best Practice Communities are pre-built and ready-to-deploy, you will have your community up and running far faster than with any other alternative.
  • Proven solution. Each Awareness Best Practice Community is designed based on years of expertise. You can count on them to meet your business need.
  • Unlimited growth potential. Each Awareness Best Practice Community can be deployed as a complete solution by itself, or combined with other Awareness Best Practice Communities to create a larger, more expansive community. Also, your Awareness Best Practice Community can evolve into an Awareness Custom Assembly if your needs require it. Either way, your Awareness Best Practice Community can be rapid, low-risk starting point for a larger social community effort over time.

The Communities are:


Generate Ideas

The Awareness Innovation Best Practice Community allows you to turn on a community so your customers can share and rate each other's ideas for ongoing product/service enhancements. This type of community can stimulate new product ideas, confirm or modify current product plans, and turn potentially negative feedback into constructive criticism. Heavy on voting, this BPC bakes in Awareness unique features to draw more content out of user interactions—as an example, by default three voting questions will be attached to each idea submission. Read full description »

Corporate Voice

Converse with Your Market

The Awareness Corporate Voice Best Practice Community is a group blog where you provide the majority of the content while registered user participation is focused on commenting and voting. This type of community allows you to speak to your market in a personal, "humanized" voice and receive direct feedback. Read full description »

UGC Campaign

Create Excitement

The User Generated Content Campaign (UGC) best practice community (BPC) enables you to spin up community around a contest and/or to support other marketing campaigns. It is heavy on encouraging content submissions and voting on the submissions of others. It leverages our moderation features to ensure quality content and to helps judge (along with visitor voting) in the case of contests. Read full description »


Build and Reward Loyalty

The Awareness Loyalty Best Practice Community allows you to create a community to communicate with and reward your most loyal customers - gold club, premiere, etc. Typically by invitation only or through membership in a formal loyalty program, this type of community makes your customers feel exclusive and special. Loyalty communities often solicit members for feedback on products/services before they are launched and encourage dialogue between members of the community. Read full description »


Stimulate a Passion

The Awareness Enthusiasts Best Practice Community allows you to stimulate a common passion in your audience. In an Enthusiasts community, membership is typically open to anyone who wants to join, and members self-declare their enthusiasm with the community's central theme. Members are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on anything related to the theme as well as invite others that share the same interest. An Enthusiast community is similar to a Loyalty community, except that in an Enthusiasts community the activity revolves around the members' passion for a topic, activity, or hobby, as opposed to a Loyalty community where the engagement is typically around a specific brand or product (and often in a formal program). Members of an Enthusiasts community consider the enrollment and participation in the community to a benefit in itself. Read full description »


Engage with Members

The Awareness Associations/Subscribers Best Practice Community allows you to build a private community for your customers, members of an association, or subscribers to a service. The community allows you to create special categories or areas that support the needs of various member types or levels (e.g., gold customers, silver customers, etc.). You can also create public areas so non-members have some limited access to the community, while members have full access to richer and more extensive content. This BPC promotes mechanisms to find other members, facilitate member-to-member communication as well as brand-to-member communication, and other social networking aspects of the platform. Read full description »

Peer Support

Help Each Other

The Awareness Peer Support Best Practice Community allows you to create a community where members can support each other. This allows members to get help from others, as well as provides a vehicle for knowledgeable members who like to solve others' problems. This BPC emphasizes highlighting common questions and encouraging members to jump in and answer open questions. Read full description »


Build and Maintain Buzz

The Awareness Events Best Practice Community allows you to create a community that builds and maintains buzz around an event. Typically the invitation to join the community is tied into the event registration process so it is seamless and compelling. The community can feature dialogue among and materials from the event organizers, speakers, and attendees. This BPC encourages social networking connections among the members of the event, and provides a mechanism to stimulate engagement before the event and continue the dialogue beyond the physical event itself. Read full description »

Awareness Custom Assemblies

If your needs don't cleanly match one of the top eight Social Media Marketing use cases, Awareness can create for you a Custom Assembly to match your unique needs. Read more about Custom Assemblies here.