Awareness Best Practice Community: User-Generated Content Campaign/Microsite

Create Excitement

The Awareness User-Generated Content/Microsite Campaign (UGC) Best Practice Community (BPC) enables you to form a community around a contest or other marketing programs. It encourages users to submit a high volume of content and vote on the submissions of others. It leverages the Awareness moderation features to ensure quality content and to help judge (along with visitor voting) in the case of contests.

Use Case

You can form a User-Generated Content Campaign community around many different marketing activities:

  • Branding campaign
  • Product launch or major new release
  • Lead generation program
  • Launch of new company or division
  • PR event or campaign

Success Metrics

The Awareness User-Generated Content Campaign Best Practice Community includes the following built-in recommended success metrics:

  • Number of Contributions vs. Viewers Trend
  • Number of Registered Users ($'s amount per user option)
  • Most Recent Contributors (5 or 10)
  • Net Promoter Score Gauge


Examples of successful User-Generated Content/Microsite communities can be found here.